The Native
Fluency Blueprint
The Native
Fluency Blueprint
"Become A More Confident English Speaker Today,
Without Learning More Words Or Grammar!"
"Become A More Confident English Speaker Today, Without Learning
More Words Or Grammar!"
$97 ($436 Value)
$97 ($436 Value)
Why Get The Native Fluency Blueprint?
Why Get The Native
Fluency Blueprint?
Drew Badger
Nagasaki, Japan
If you KNOW a lot of English, but can't SPEAK as well as you'd like, it's not your fault.

I’m Drew Badger, the English Fluency Guide followed by more than 1.3 million learners and teachers on YouTube…

And the problem is most English lessons only teach you more vocabulary and grammar, instead of developing ALL of your communication skills.
See, the truth is it doesn’t matter how many words you know if you’re too shy to speak… Or if your mind often “goes blank” in conversations… Or if your accent is hard to understand.

So I created The Native Fluency Blueprint to share the "native communication techniques" that can dramatically improve your communication skills, confidence and fluency in as little as a few HOURS

…WITHOUT you studying more words or rules!

This means you can impress your customers, clients, co-workers or boss with a more natural and understandable accent, today

Or surprise family, friends or a date with some native idioms, slang and phrasal verbs, today

Or speak more confidently and fluently in interviews and English tests like TOEFL or IELTS, today!

Here are just some of the techniques you can now "steal" from natives with The Native Fluency Blueprint:
  • Discover the ONE RULE that makes English pronunciation ridiculously easy, so you can reduce your accent and sound more like a native speaker, almost instantly (This key to smooth communication has helped so many learners it’s worth the price of this whole package all by itself!)
  • See the simple trick to speaking continuously, so you stop getting “stuck” in conversations
  • Learn my step-by-step system for making friends with native English speakers anywhere in the world (I show you how to do this the native way, online and in person, so you can meet people who really are EXCITED to speak with you!)
  • ​See how to think like a native English speaker to make vocabulary MUCH easier to understand and remember (This secret will have words following from your mouth automatically!)
  • ​Get my proven framework for bulletproof confidence and motivation, to GUARANTEE rapid improvement and enjoyable conversations
  • ​Discover the native listening technique not taught in schools that makes native speakers easy to understand, and gives you a more natural voice
  • Learn my concept of “moving like water,” so you’re prepared to express yourself even about unfamiliar topics (Learners who speak well about familiar subjects, but hesitate – or make mistakes – when the subject is new, will love this!)
  • Plus MANY MORE of the best strategies and tactics I’ve been using to help English learners speak fluently for over 15 years
Here's What You Get With
The Native Fluency Blueprint:
The Native
Fluency Blueprint
(7 PDF Guides & 7 MP3s)
"Become A More Fluent English Speaker, Today... WITHOUT Learning More Words Or Grammar!"
($97 Value)
  • While most English lessons and courses only give you more vocabulary lists and grammar rules to memorize... The Native Fluency Blueprint can make you a better English speaker almost instantly by revealing the fluency-building secrets, strategies and techniques that improve ALL 7 of your communication skills! You get:
  • Guide 1 - Speak English Fluently: How to express yourself and respond automatically, spontaneously and without hesitation in 3 simple steps so you can have long, enjoyable conversations
  • Guide 2 - Practice Speaking with Natives: How to meet native English speakers who are excited to speaking with you so you can practice your spoken English (no matter where you live in the world)
  • ​Guide 3 - ​Speak English Naturally: How to learn the 3 most important kinds of spoken English so you can sound more like a native speaker
  • Guide 4 - Speak English Confidently: How to build the confidence to ignore mistakes, start conversations and speak English successfully
  • Guide 5 - Use Correct Grammar Automatically: How to master grammar the native way so you speak correctly, without thinking or translating
  • Guide 6 - Understand Native English Speakers: How to understand the fast speech, accents and casual vocabulary of spoken English in conversations, TV shows, music and movies
  • Guide 7 - Sound Like A Native Speaker: How to reduce your accent, improve your pronunciation and sound like a native English speaker, the easy way
  • PLUS the bonus MP3 audio versions of EVERY guide so you can learn anytime, anywhere!
  • ​AND access to our exclusive member community, so you can ask questions, and meet other members to speak with!!
Speak Like Me:
Native Pronunciation &
Communication Secrets
"Speak More Like A Native
By 'Stealing' Native
Communication Techniques!"
($97 Value)
  • Many of my students said they wanted to move BEYOND fluency to speak and sound more like native speakers. So I created Speak Like Me, a simple VIDEO course that takes you step-by-step from pronunciation and grammar all the way to thinking and expressing yourself like a native with training you WON'T find in most English schools!
  • ​Discover the simple, tiny changes in thinking, learning and communication that can produce dramatic, rapid improvement your confidence and fluency.
  • Learn it all in less than 2 hours, and speak better TODAY!
  • Get 6 step-by-step videos, bonus MP3 audio versions and full PDF transcripts!
Phrase Builder:
Volume 1
(24 Videos With Mp3s/PDFs)
"Learn 720+ REAL Words &
Phrases That Will Impress Natives
And Help You Speak Naturally!"
($197 Value)
  • Once you understand how to improve, the next step is learning the REAL slang, idioms and expressions of native conversations! So this "secret" course not found on our public website gives you some of my most popular Advanced English Listening Practice video lessons (These are my most popular lessons on YouTube!)
  • Learn over 720 useful words and phrases for 12 common casual and professional topics - and see how to pronounce them like a native...
  • Build a HUGE vocabulary quickly - and instantly remember what you learn - with visual examples and simple stories, the same way native English-speaking children learn...
  • Get 24 videos, plus bonus MP3 audio versions and full PDF transcripts!
Plus, you also get access to my NEW mobile app for Apple iOS and Android devices that includes our exclusive Interactive Video Player!
  • ​Use on ANY device - computer, tablet, smartphone, Apple iOS, Google Android
  • ​Control the speed of videos so you understand every word
  • ​Set the time between speech sections in videos to pause and practice speaking at your pace
  • ​Set the number of times each speech section repeats so you hear everything and can review easily
  • Click anywhere on the Interactive Transcript to jump right to that section of the video!
But even with all this, there’s one last thing I want you to have to take your speaking to the next level in DAYS, not months or years… 
The World's Greatest English Fluency Hack
Bonus Video Training
"Speak English More Naturally And Fluently
By Doing One Simple Thing!"
($45 Value)
  • Of all the useful, time-saving discoveries I've shared with English learners over the past 15 years, THIS has proven to be the most powerful because it lets you improve ALL 7 of your communication skills, speak more like a native, AND build a big, natural vocabulary, by doing ONE SIMPLE THING!
  • ​Get instant access to this exclusive online video BONUS training after joining The Native Fluency Blueprint!
“I can say that your 7 Fluency Guides are really making me think in a new way. In particular, your Guides encourage me to start conversations with native English speakers. I started practicing with native speakers just 2 weeks ago, but I already experienced my first successes. And I’m really impressed by and grateful for your Guides helping me sound more natural.”

Alexander, from Germany 
“I tried your techniques, and I think the effect is quite obvious, the words I learned are coming out automatically."

Vince, from Macao
“You are the best! You are improving my English a lot. Easy, fast and painless!!! Thank you a lot!!!”

Virgilio, from Brazil 
“Speak Like Me is really a fantastic program, especially I can get some sense of how native English speakers blend their words while speaking. This ‘technique’ was not taught when I was studying English in school. Thanks!”

Denise, from Hong Kong
So all together, you’re getting my 7 Fluency Guides with the bonus mp3 audios, the Speak Like Me video course with mp3 audios and transcripts, the iOS/Android mobile app with our Interactive Video Player, the 24 videos of Phrase Builder: Volume 1, "The World's Greatest English Fluency Hack" bonus online video training AND access to our exclusive members area!
That's A Total Value Of $436...
All For Just $97!
  • ​YES, it's just one payment (NO monthly fees!!)
  • ​Get instant access to your digital lessons, online account and app (NO waiting for shipping!!)
  • ​Keep access forever
  • ​Transcripts are printable
  • Enjoy everything online, or download for offline use without Internet
  • ​Even if only ONE of the many tactics found in this package helps you feel more confident, reduces your accent, or lets you impress the right person, imagine how valuable that would be to your life!
And, of course, everything is 100% guaranteed for 30 days, or your money backIf you don't hear from other people about how much better you sound, or you're not satisfied for any reason, just mail us at for a full refund.
So to get instant access to the 7 Fluency Guides with the bonus mp3 audios, the Speak Like Me video course with mp3 audios and transcripts, the iOS/Android mobile app with our Interactive Video Player, the 24 videos of Phrase Builder: Volume 1, "The World's Greatest English Fluency Hack" bonus online video training AND access to our exclusive members area, all for one payment of only $97...

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